Editor's Picks: Truc Nguyen On Undone Old-School

Normally a fan of structure, style and market editor Truc Nguyen embraces Prada’s déshabillé look

Prada runway photos by Anthea Simms
Prada runway photos by Anthea Simms


The interior of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, newly reopened last year, is the place to try this look out.

Product photo by Daniel Harrison
Product photo by Daniel Harrison

I tend to embrace stricter shapes, but I’m inspired to try softer layers now

From left: Le Chateau polyester-blend dress, $170, lechateau.com. H&M polyester-blend dress, $70, hm.com/ca.


The soundtrack: The film Betty Blue played at the runway show.


These are just sculptural enough to hint at the glamorous side I normally hesitate to embrace.

Prada shoes, prada.com.

Courtesy of Everett Collection
Courtesy of Everett Collection

A visual inspiration: David Lynch’s 2001 movie, Mulholland Dr.

Product photos by Daniel Harrison
Product photo by Daniel Harrison


Clockwise from top left: Splendid cotton t-shirt, $54, shopbop.com. Dries Van Noten bag, $1,175, Specchio. Linea Pelle belt, $115, shopbop.com. Comrags wool- blend blazer, $520, belt, $50, and wool- blend skirt, $255, comrags.com.

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