Twitter Report: Day 3 at London Fashion Week

What we saw and heard from the shows in London

TwitPics from London TwitPics from London

Mosha Lundström Halbert, Fashion News Editor, is on the scene and at the shows in London. Here are her top tweets from day three:

1.  Red wood grain look from Christoper Kane. Many variations on this style hitting the runway.

2.  Pinstripe fur and violet wood grain coated jacquard at Christopher Kane. Inspired, intellectual and singular vision firmly in check #LFW

3.  Mixed media floral dresses with pick-up hems, shimmering tweed jumpers and lurex chemises at Michael Van Der Ham. Swings just shy of girly.

4.  Another trend were noticing this #LFW is tweed used in unconventional ways. Sportswear shapes. No longer regulated to ladies who lunch.

5.  Erdem has become too popular. Needs bigger venue, more seats. Luckily, he squeezed us in. This makes an Air Transat flight feel roomy.

6.  First frock @ErdemRTW. People are saying Kate Middleton is here but can’t see. Stay tuned!

7.  This @ErdemRTW look has Middleton written all over it. Stunning collection, punched-up palette.

8.  Bravo to Canada’s own @erdem. “Fly Me To The Moon” plays, giving us the chills.

9.  Hello and welcome to London, Mr. @kanyewest.

10.  En pointe new direction @MARKFASTKNIT. Chunkier ribbed knits in black, blush, beige and gray. ’90s grunge feel.

11.  The @MARKFASTKNIT woman has grown up and left the nightclub for more refined pastures. Less skin showing, yet every bit as scintillating.

12.  Kanye congratulates @MARKFASTKNIT backstage. Mark has never looked better. Told us he got healthy and pounds fell off.

13.  Clemence Poesy, Alexa, Rosie, Kate Bosworth and Eddie Redmayne front row @Burberry

14.  @Burberry show opens to Joni Mitchell! #canadarepresent.

15.  Beautiful sculpted peplum jackets with pouff pockets in herringbone @Burberry

16.  Some of the best puffa jackets we’ve seen all week @Burberry. Complete with bustles and peplums, sure to be a hot seller.

17.  A thunderstorm and silver rain finale @Burberry. Get your brolleys.

18.  Top notch showing from James Long at Fashion East. Flapper meets sherpa. Definitely one to watch. So glad we snuck in this show.

19.  Picture burn holes trimmed in beading on Elizabethan gowns and you have the always-theatrical Giles show. Epic knight hats by Stephen Jones.

20.  Time for @Burberry post-show drinks at SoHo House.

21.  Here at Le Baron celebrating @BoF’s 5 year birthday. Congrats Imran!

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