There Is More To A Scarf…

As I walk down the streets of Toronto I am beginning to notice more and more women wearing scarves. In the past the scarf was an accessory that was completely overlooked. This season, the scarf is now the new and improved must-have accessory.

If we all paid more attention to Grace Kelly’s fashion statement of wearing the scarf tied around the head serving two purposes: beauty and hair protection, we women would have been ahead of the times—though no need to worry—there is still time. The scarf is making a comeback, it is here to stay and it has arrived with an overflow of options for all the unique, sweet tastes on the streets of Toronto.

The famous, oh-so-funky Kensington Market is the place for anyone to go and buy scarves of all patterns and fabrics.

I have found that the urban chic vintage stores carry an array of patterned scarves. There are: florals, sequins, buildings, paisley print, graphics, solids, shapes and anything else your shopaholic heart desires.

Scarves can always add that sometimes needed flair to a style. They are the “pick-me-up” to an outfit and can make the old jeans and t-shirt staple look newly revamped.

When choosing to wear a scarf, remember, there is more than one way. The idea here is to have fun, mix and match pieces and discover what works with your apparel.

The scarf this season is a decorative accent so it is important to play with patterns of your clothing and of the scarf. It is my rule of thumb to not wear the same colour of scarf as my shirt or pants. I like to create contrast. I will usually grab a scarf from my wardrobe that is at the opposite end of the colour spectrum from the clothes I am wearing (always take into account your shoes and handbag for the day). If you do want a chic and finished look, do a solid head to toe colour.

Scarves are the one accessory us women cannot go without this year. They add an admirable quality to an outfit and can keep you warm and casually city chic or add a finished look of symmetry and polish to a ladylike appearance.

Accent pieces
Garment (for the bold)
Head bands (for the hippy chic)
Head coverings
Neck tie (add a brooch for a classic look)
Shawls (my favourite)

Day look
For an elegant office look or to dress up any day outfit, add a silk scarf around your neck and anchor it as a bow. Who is the boss now? Throw a knitted, woven or silk scarf around your neck or through belt loops and you’re ready to go for the day.

Evening look
Let the dark hues and sequins sparkle. Nighttime is the perfect opportunity to take out the satin or velvet scarf that is hid away at the bottom of your underwear drawer and let it be the final touch to your fall knit dress.