Topshop Has a Crazy Pair of Mom Jeans That We Kind Of Don't Hate

Topshop's jeans are extra right now, with built-in tulle skirts, bright red vinyl and fringe EVERYWHERE. Next up, questionable plastic knee windows...

The Topshop mom jeans we hate to love

We all know mom jeans are the cool-girl stapleMalia Obama has been running around New York in them for the past month, in case you don’t believe. But if you’ve been wondering what the Next Big Thing in mom jeans is, maybe it’s this: knee windows.

From studs to fringe to embroidery, Topshop has tons of pairs that’ll make you look like you’re v. good at crafting. But these kneecap-revealing pants are in a league of their own. And it seems like we’re not the only ones who did a double take when we saw them.

Over the weekend, the jeans racked up a bunch of comments on the Nordstrom website. They range from straight up confusion (“I need an explanation. Is this an actual product or a prank?”) to hilarious knee exhibitionism (“My knees are masterpieces and these are the only pants that have allowed me to display them properly, and appropriately as a mom”) to newfound knee connections (I can look down and be like “hey knees how the heck are ya” and they’re like “great now that we can see you!”).

The Topshop jeans that are freaking the internet out

Moto jeans, $80,

While we do worry about the potential for knee sweat condensation, we actually think these are kind of cool. Everyone’s about wearing fishnets under jeans right now, and these would make them extra visible. And the whole open-from-the-thigh-to-the-calf thing is trending, too. Last September, Kimmy K even did a version of this look in denim cutoffs and plastic thigh-high boots.

Worse things than these knee panels have happened to jeans, i.e. the insanely baggy ones everyone wore in the ’90s, and those ultra low-rise waists with exposed thongs in the ’00s. So if you feel like taking a relatively inoffensive risk, go for it with a pair of these. Best of luck washing them, though.

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