Designers reinvent a classic for charity

A Bug Collection/Doktor Doktor

complex geometries

Iris Loeffler

Narelle Dore

31 young talents teamed up this month for Project White T-Shirt, a charitable initiative in support of Designers Against AIDS. Participants like Bruno Pieters, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, and experimental Canadian label, complex geometries among others, have re-envisioned the iconic staple for auction on Of the one-of-a-kind wears, stand-out pieces included Narelle Dore’s graphic “winter t-shirt” and jersey accessories, Iris Loeffler’s draped robe, and complex geometries’ multi-wearable “funnel” tee (actually two connected shirts that can be worn as one). Certainly the most palatable interpretation was A Bug Collection/Doktor Doktor’s marshmallow t-shirt, “a symbol of the price you pay for good taste”. Bidding resumes until April 18th.