The UJA's Innovators Series Spotlights Canadian Fashion's Movers and Shakers

FLARE moderated a panel on the business of fashion and modern branding

UJA's Innovators Series

On Tuesday night, a panel of five all-star Canadian businesswomen gathered to speak with FLARE‘s own Mosha Lundström Halbert about raising the bar and achieving success.

Sponsored by United Jewish Appeal of Greater Toronto, the event, entitled “The Innovators: New Frontiers in the Fashion World,” took a look at the business savvy involved in making your mark within a competitive market. Lucky for the budding stylites not in attendance, we noted standout words of wisdom from each of the panelists.

Develop something fresh and new: Beauty guru, Natalie Gee, co-founder of Gee Beauty, saw a need for quick and easy service within the beauty industry. Along with her mother and sisters, a new concept of beauty-on-the-go was born. It’s all about taking risks, following who you are and being confident, she added.

Find your niche and grab it: Entrepreneur Joanna Track, co-founder and CEO of, began her journey by launching before tackling the growing world of online shopping in Canada. Track said her mantra was to never settle for the norm and always try to improve what’s out there.

Combine curiosity with style: Fashion lovers Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark took fashion voyeurism to a new level with their website, The Coveteur. Armed with plucky charm, they gained unprecedented access into the most enviable of closets. Although the site has become a roaring success in less than a year since its launch, they caution that behind the glamour (and oodles of Chanel), there is a lot of hard work.

Pay your dues: Debra Margles, president of Michael Kors Canada, has definitely made her mark on fashion. With over 25 years experience, her sharp understanding of brand development, retail and marketing has brought her to one of the most popular sportswear companies of our time. Her tip for burgeoning brands: targeted accessibility. Michael Kors accessories have allowed the brand to permeate monetary borders and reach a large audience.

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