We Will Never Be Over the Queen Sitting Front Row at London Fashion Week

Cheerio, world. We're dead now

Excuse us, but yesterday the QUEEN OF FREAKIN’ ENGLAND sat front row at London Fashion Week—beside none other than Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour—and we our beside ourselves. Our knickers are in a right twist. What a jolly good sight to behold!

But before we get to the greatest new friendship in fashion’s history, let’s take a second to appreciate Elizabeth II’s extremely chic arrival to the Richard Quinn show on February 20, where she made a surprise appearance to present the emerging talent with a British Design Award.

Step aside, influencers, editors and other street style peacocks because this, my friends, is how you arrive in style:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Could that black patent handbag and pump combo be daintier?! And the black gloves! Iconic. (Although maybe someone should tell Liz that street style stars decidedly do not smile?)

Alas, on to the show. Here’s the Queen, polished and on trend in pastel blue at a sprightly 91 years young, looking positively enraptured, albeit a little stunned (too much skin traipsing down the runway, perhaps? JK, you know that saucy minx loves it), with the confections strutting the catwalk. Yas, Queen, take in that fashun!

(Photo: Getty Images)

Oh, and here she is sharing a wee laugh with her new BFF, Wintour. What would you give to hear their entire chat? Seriously, how badly would you love to read a quick transcript of their convo? See the lady in red in the pic above sitting behind them, grinning? We’d know that strained smile anywhere—she’s trying to eavesdrop, as would we all.

(Photo: Getty Images)

But, seriously, we CANNOT with how excited the Queen looks to *finally* be invited to LFW. When was the last time you saw her smile this big? A PRECIOUS MOMENT.

Thank you, Your Majesty, this was truly a gift and we are not worthy of your enduring chicness.


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