The Mini Coveteurs Are Back!

The Coveteur does it again with their newly released footage of Hanna Wintour and Bryan Boy Jr. working the fashion circuit

Photo Courtesy of The Coveteur

In all of it’s sartorial and satirical splendor The Coveteur is making us laugh yet again. As a way of celebrating #KidsWeekOnTC – which, rather than taking us inside the closets of fashion’s most desired dressers, highlights kids under the age of 10 who dress better than you – the site released exclusive outtakes from their #MiniCoveteurs video.

When the site relaunched with a new layout in October, the Torontonian team of three—Erin Kleinberg, Steph Mark and Jake Rosenberg – pieced together a seriously witty video of children playing our favourite front-row fixtures to commemorate the makeover. They’ve since whipped together yet another reel, this time featuring collected footage of the most major mishaps from the #MiniCoveteurs. Expect cameos by Hanna Wintour and mini Man Repeller.