The Junos Country Star Dean Brody's Style

With Crop Circles nominated for Country Album of the Year, Dean Brody is one of Canada’s brightest country stars

Dean Brody by Kristin Barlowe

What is your favourite pair of shoes right now? 
My cowboy boots.


Is there a particular brand you favour?
I’ve had the same boots for probably seven years. I bought them in Nashville; they’re Justin’s, and just really comfortable. You put a couple of years into them and they just get so perfectly worn in. It’s kind of cliché, but there’s nothing like an old pair of boots.

You used to be in a garage band. Did you dress like a cowboy back then?
No, we wore jeans and graphic tees, which I guess is pretty rock n’ roll.

When you began singing country, did you consciously change your style?
I had to learn! When I first started, I did the typical cliché: I had Wranglers, the big duet buckle, the huge hat and the loud shirts. It was a fashion nightmare.

Lately I’m comfortable in a good pair of jeans, my boots and a graphic tee. There’s a company called Rogue that has some killer stuff. Almost like what you’d see on The Walking Dead.

english-laundry-denim-2Where do you like to shop?
I do a lot of my shopping in Toronto. I’ll go to English Laundry, they have some really cool shirts. When I’m dressing down or dressing for the stage, Rogue is awesome. Fossil has been really good to me, and they have these great pieces that I travel with.

When you go to the Junos, do you dress yourself or do you have a stylist?
I don’t have a stylist, but I have people in my life who are very passionate about clothing. I definitely want to be listening to them.

What can we expect from you in 2014?
We just wrapped up the national tour so I’m gonna take a couple of weeks off, and get ready for the Junos. I’m also looking forward to writing my fifth record.