The FLARE Five: Would You Wear the Same Outfit Every Day?

Photo by Anthea Simms

Photo by Anthea Simms

Fashion Could you conjure your inner Matlock and wear a variation of the same outfit every day? Vogue’s Katherine Bernard did just that in an attempt to see whether paring down her wardrobe would streamline her life. What would your perfect uniform be? Check out our sweet summer dress gallery for inspiration.

Pop culture Shameless self-promoters don’t need recognition because they take it for themselves—but the quiet nose-to-the-grindstone types that shirk from acclamation do. Thank goodness for former Vogue fact-checker David Zweig’s new book praising the virtues of the humble professional, via Maclean’s. Invisibles: The Power of Anonymous Work in an Age of Relentless Self-Promotion (Penguin, $33), is Zweig’s paean to those who value the mastery of their given profession above humblebrag tweets.

Beauty At last, a DIY project we can get behind—and one that doesn’t involve a glue gun. Elle has the deets on how to convert a broken lipstick into a tinted balm.

Health Forget your waistline. The biggest well-being issue facing Canadians is climate change, say public health experts—it’s responsible for poor air quality, which can cause a host of respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Sex Your body is a pretty amazing machine on any given day. But when you’re in love, it’s downright wicked—lowering your heart rate, minimizing pain and even changing your taste buds (everything tastes suddenly so sweet!), says Women’s Health.

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