FLARE Five: Wednesday May 28, 2014

The one-piece swimsuit is having a moment

The one-piece swimsuit is having a moment, say trend forecasters. That’s due in part to designers taking the silhouette to new sexier heights with cutout detailing and chicer prints. Click here for a few of our favourites—including one from new made-in-Canada label, Waiwah.

Skin cancer is the most preventable but also one of the fastest-rising cancers in Canada, according to a new report from the Canadian Cancer Society. The more unprotected sun exposure you get, the greater your risk, so slather that SPF on wisely and well. (On a side note, you may not want to jump on the drinkable sunscreen bandwagon just yet).

Ah, to be born a French woman. Not only does Mademoiselle not get fat, she doesn’t have cellulite—because she indulges in regular sessions of lymphatic drainage, says Marie-Laure Fournier, a French beauty publicist in a Q&A with The Cut.

Diet soda may actually help you lose weight, says a new study… commissioned by the American Beverage Association. Read more here.

Pop Culture
Is there a fail-safe way for determining whether or not you’ve met The One? Bill Murray, a.k.a. Dr. Peter Venkman, says there is. The Ghostbusters star offered his advice on love and commitment to a bachelor party in Charleston, S.C. which was recorded on video. A word of warning: you may not be able to afford the romantic litmus test he proposes.

Feature image swimsuit: La Perla Printed One-Piece Mesh Swimsuit, $500, Neiman Marcus