FLARE Five: Another Alexa Chung Collabo!

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Fashion Former FLARE cover star Alexa Chung is teaming up with denim label AG to create a 20-piece capsule. “The collection is inherently the missing pieces of my dream denim wardrobe, which, as ever, is predominantly inspired by a late ’60s, early ’70s aesthetic,” said Chung in WWD, via The Telegraph. It’s slated to hit the racks next January.

Work Harvard prof Hannah Riley Bowles studied gender issues in the workplace and discovered that unlike their male colleagues, women who ask for a raise are often deemed “difficult.” Read her practical advice for avoiding that label and still making bank.

Beauty There really should be a self-help group for those who deal with undereye circles—admitted sufferers include FLARE’s August cover star, Rita Ora—because nothing really makes a dent… except chamomile tea? Fashionista shares a trick for concealing the beauty bane.

Health If you were a bit of a loser in high school, thank your lucky stars. Popularity in adolescence, which often correlates with indulging in “pseudomature” behaviour like drinking, experimenting with drugs and early sexual activity, is associated with a host of unhealthy outcomes in adulthood, suggests a new study published in the journal Child Development. Researchers found that cool kids often became troubled grown ups with addiction issues, relationship problems and employment challenges.

Science can finally explain why John Mayer keeps getting laid. The Atlantic reports on recent studies which suggest that musicians are inherently sexy to female fans thanks to the primitive pull of evolution. Artistic ability, like a strong jawline, is just one more genetic characteristic that we prize and therefore desire to perpetuate. (And when we say “perpetuate,” we really mean “get jiggy with.”)