The Business of Fashion Collaborates on a Tote Bag

The fashion website collaborates with British designer Bill Amberg

The notion that designers should give customers exactly what they want has never been more apparent than in a recent spate crowd-sourced designs. Designer Derek Lam recently launched a collection for eBay whos final lineup will be edited based on customer feedback, and other designers following suit. British leather goods designer Bill Amberg has teamed up with The Business of Fashion—a London-based website that delivers fashion business intelligence—to create a unisex, tote-style bag dubbed the Calgary, after the city where the site’s founder, Imran Amed, was born. The bag comes in six different styles, including a purple moc-croc leather and slick orange patent, and sell for about $1,500. Only five pieces of each will be available, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity and a personalized label inside. You can shop the limited edition styles at

But the collaboration also has a social media twist: Alongside the limited range of bags, the collaborators are offering up the opportunity to decide which other style—black or brown cowhide or a lead grey patent—you would like to see added to the collection. For the next three weeks, you can fill out the crowd-sourcing survey and help determine which style will be produced by Amberg. The new style will be available for sale online at the end of May 2011. How’s that for a personalized touch?