The blogs and Tweets that Lisa Tant checks out every morning


Every morning, immediately after I scan my emails, I go online to check out my Twitter account and a handful of blogs. Starbucks (tall skim latte, no sugar) in hand, I make this routine the essential start to my day.

Here are a handful of the blogs and newsletters that are on my must-read list: – I rely upon the fashion trade daily for up to the minute news. – Another great source for fashion news but with a strong visual presentation and often cheeky tone. – I check this site religiously when the international runway collections are on. After I see a show, I click through their ‘details’ section for a birdseye view. – The Cut is New York Magazine’s fashion blog, a must-read mix of fashion news and entertainment. – I follow the daily news, views and reviews of the Canadian magazine industry. – Cathy Horyn is one of the best fashion writers in the business. Her On the Runway blogs for The New York Times are insightful, intelligent and direct – she doesn’t sugar coat anything. – I receive the web site’s daily newsletter with news about the American publishing industry.

I resisted signing up for Twitter this summer but now I’m totally hooked. At first, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would be interested in each other’s thoughts of just 140 characters. That was incredibly short-sighted. Twitter has become a crucial part of my research. I like to follow people who give me insight into their world or fascinating characters in my world who have something interesting to say. I follow about 80 people, here are the top five:

Ronamaynard – My mentor and former boss at Chatelaine, Rona highlights interesting articles that she comes across. She’s given me several great story ideas. Plus, she’s brilliant.

Mrjoezee – Warm, funny and personable, Joe Zee, the creative director of Elle US, puts a human face on his fashion escapades.

Refinery29 – An online site that highlights street style trends, store openings and up-to-the-minute news.

Dizzyblazeberg – Party columnist and bon vivant with an occasional potty mouth, Derek Blasberg is laugh-out-loud funny as he constantly bites the fashionable hands that feed him.

Jeanne_Beker – No one delivers fashion runway news like my friend Jeanne. She takes us backstage with tweets directly from the designers. She’s the real deal.

I’ll be back again next week. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter at