The Beckermans Meet LVMH Prize Winners Marques’Almeida

Cailli and Sam Beckerman meet Marta Marques and Paulo Almeia, the pair behind London-based label Marques'Almeida, at a FLARE x Hudson's Bay event

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(Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

We’ve been following you since your thesis collection in 2009, when we started buying up all your work. We need more!
Marta: You guys were the first to wear pieces from our very early collections. Our cult following is what the label is all about.

Sam: Your spring collection feels like a shift, with all the colour blocking and chiffon you showed…
Marta: It was a very serious, introspective time for us. The collection was pretty much all black at first, but two weeks before we showed, we decided to bring in colour. We also liked working with new, more precious fabrics.

Cailli: But you still included your signature denim pieces. Why are you drawn to this material each season?
Marta: When we were doing our MAs at Central Saint Martins, we tried to figure out what our identity was as designers. After looking at loads of old issues of i-D magazine from the ’90s, we really connected to grunge culture.
Paulo: We loved seeing something like a massive Galliano gown with a denim jacket.

marques almeida

(Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

Cailli: Marta, your sister Sofia stars in your lookbooks. How did that happen?
Marta: She started modelling for us when she was 12 or 13. At the time, she was this grumpy teenager, which we were obsessed with.
Paulo: She’s a real girl, not like a model pretending to be someone else.

Sam: How does it feel to be a finalist this year for the prestigious LVMH prize?
Marta: We’re so excited, but scared!*

*Just announced: Marques’Almeida won the 2015 LVMH prize!

 Cailli and Sam’s Shopping List
Top, $440, petshopgirlsshop.comSkirt-BeckermanSkirt, $575, Hudson’s Bay, Queen Street, Toronto
Dress, $395, Hudson’s Bay, Queen Street, Toronto

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