The Beckermans + Hayley Elsaesser Go Bright at MOCCA

Cailli and Sam Beckerman take the Aussie‑raised Canuck Hayley Elsaesser’s pop art–inspired gear for a spin around Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art


Cailli and Sam in front of a piece from Douglas Coupland’s Everywhere Is Anywhere Is Anything Is Everything exhibition, currently on display at MOCCA. Clothing, all Hayley Elsaesser. Shoes, both Native. (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

Sam: What was it like being a Canadian growing up in Australia?
Hayley: I moved to Australia when I was a teenager, and it really cemented who I am as a designer. It’s always really sunny there, so people like to have a bit more fun with fashion.

Hayley Elsaesser Patches beckermans4

Hayley Elsaesser patches, $8–$11 each,

Cailli: Maybe Canadians love bright stuff too, but it’s hiding under ski jackets so you never get to see it!
Hayley: That’s why I like to layer it all together, so you can see it all the time.

Cailli: Why do you always design such playful clothing?
Hayley: Obviously I love to have fun with colour and print, but I also love fashion that pushes people’s boundaries.

Hayley Elsaesser Patches beckermans5

Cailli: One of your prints features an eight ball wearing a cowboy hat. How did you come up with that?
Hayley: This collection is called Midnight Cowboy, so the inspiration is kind of old-school western meets disco meets Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Sam: We had three magic eight balls growing up—we used to ask them everything.
Hayley: I had one when I was a kid. I threw it away because it never gave me the answers I wanted.

Hayley Elsaesser Patches beckermans3

Sam: Is there a specific type of woman you design for, or do you design for yourself?
Hayley: I definitely keep myself in mind but, honestly, you guys are my ideal muses! Growing up I was really quiet, so I always used fashion as a way to project myself. I love the idea of using clothes to exude a playful spirit without having to say a word.


The Beckerman sister with designer Hayley Elsaesser (Photo: Jaclyn Locke)

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The Beckermans’ hair was inspired by singer FKW Twigs’ artful ’do (Photo: Getty Images)

Hair and makeup: Ivy Lam 

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