Teva and Ugg Join Forces to Create a Shoe No One Asked For

A cross between a walking cast and a swim shoe, the Teva x Ugg creation is exactly how bad you think it's going to be. Avert your eyes

teva ugg

If you were having trouble warming to the concept of socks and sandals, hold onto your pearls because two of the purveyors of what are surely the most divisive shoe brands around have joined forces to create what’s being touted as “the world’s ugliest shoe.”

While that statement may be just a hair on the hyperbolic side (because well, Crocs) the weird, clunky hiking sandal-boot hybrid will likely present a big WTF for even the most fashion-forward types. Were these designed specifically as a challenge for Leandra Medine?

The open-toed bootie isn’t a new design, but this awkward—okay, horrendous—creation looks like a cross between a walking cast and swim shoe. Although, at least the two companies seem to be aware of the less-than-warm reception their teamwork would likely elicit.

teva ugg

Ugg replied to Racked via Twitter with a succinct “You’re welcome, world” after their harsh criticism, while the Teva website calls out the unlikeliness of this unwanted collab with the tagline, “Suspend Your Disbelief.”

And while furry sandals—a former head-scratching trend—will be everywhere this fall, we can probably all agree that combining the aggressively practical footwear preferred by *that* dude you knew from college with a sleeping bag for your foot is a union most unholy.

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