Terence Koh Opens His Closet To StyleLikeU

The Chinese-Canadian artist and fashion favourite unveils his latest work

Imagine interviewing a non-speaking vegan during his phase of wearing only white to “discuss” his personal style and wardrobe. Perhaps the height of irony, this was the challenge faced by editors at StyleLikeU, who recently sat down with Chinese-Canadian artist Terence Koh. Bringing one-of-a kind inspirational online experiences to followers, StyleLikeU uniquely showcases cultural influencers through a variety of mediums. The site attempts to display a more holistic view on fashion and style, highlighting the connection between the outer façade and the inner persona. This may sound a little too Freudian for some, but the result is a mix of inspiring photographs, videos and editorials that offer a rare look into the lives of cultural icons today.

Terence Koh, the most recent subject, is a conceptual artist that has developed a worldwide following. His design aesthetic and cultural influence—he recently designed and constructed a piano for Elton John and Lady Gaga’s 2010 Grammy performance—make him someone that we want to get to know better. The Terence Koh Closet and interview will premiere today on