The Amazing Reason This Teen's T-Shirt Has Over 80,000 Retweets

The 17-year-old clapped back at homophobic bullies with a very strategic school outfit

A gay teenager from Houston has gone viral after rocking a slogan T-shirt to stand up against homophobic bullies at school. Aaron saw the shirt, which reads, “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could just be quiet” on Instagram and decided to buy it from Etsy’s Green Box Shop for $26. His friend Sydney snapped a picture of him by the lockers and he immediately shared it on his Twitter page. But he had no idea the effect it would have: cue over 80,000 retweets, almost 200,000 likes, a lot of “WHERE IS THIS FROM” and one very big selfie smile from Aaron.

“I have been a victim of bulling because I am gay and, yes, I have overcome all of those obstacles in my life, and when I saw the shirt I was amazed because of the message the shirt says,” the 17-year-old told Buzzfeed News. The Twittersphere was just as blown away by the T-shirt’s powerful slogan.


Aaron says the viral T-shirt’s success is all down to its simple and classic nugget of advice: “‘Just be quiet,’ as in, ‘If you have nothing nice to say, just don’t say it at all.”

It’s unknown who first coined the phrase or where it came from, but Green Box Shop, an organic and ethical clothing brand from South Florida claims it’s their own original design. The brand was founded by Kayla Robinson, a feminist who was raised in a working class background by a single mother as her only support. “I believe that women all around the globe deserve equal and fair pay,” she writes on her Etsy profile. “With this shop I hope to provide support to fair-trade organic companies and also facilitate my transition into adulthood and independence.”

Who says clothes are all frills and no substance? Protest fashion is well and truly alive, guys and dolls!

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