Tee off

Tee off
Get graphic with your tees

Casual, cool, and comfy are the three c’s of student life. Being a student means being comfortable and t-shirts are usually a staple part of your wardrobe. But you don’t have to substitute style for ease. Get some funky tees with attitude.

Who can resist a good cupcake? The crossbones give it an edge so you don’t feel like an overgrown Strawberry Shortcake.

Crossbones, Johnny Cupcakes. ( )

Based in northern Ontario, these lovely folks deliver a sweet message and a sweeter vibe. Using 100% organic cotton, these tees groove on.

Tip: Cotton accounts for an estimated 25% of all insecticide use so go organic when you can.

Pink, Wadameanslove. ( )
Brown, Wadameanslove. (

The thrifty eco-fashionista doesn’t have to lose her edge.

Skulls, H+M Organic.

Where athletic meets flash.

Red v-neck, Puma.


A West Coast-based graphic designer and artist, McFetridge created the title sequences and posters for Virgin Suicides and the opening titles for Adaptation.

Lies, Geoff McFetridge, $55, 2K By Gingham. (Available at Magic Pony, Toronto)


Graphic designer Mike Joyce’s designs are based on TV Guide movie summaries.

Karate Kid by Mike Joyce, 2K By Gingham. (Available at Magic Pony, Toronto)