Target’s Canadian Takeover Plans Revealed

The U.S. Retailer reveals their first Canadian locations

Target’s Canadian Takeover Plans Revealed

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Are you on the list? According to Target every province will be. The first 105 Canadian locations have been announced and starting in 2013, Target will start popping up all over the nation (and online at With an estimated $10 million dollar renovation per shop in the works to revamp the drab Zellers locations, the U.S. mega-retailer is planning its Canadian takeover.

Target shops by the numbers:
British Columbia: 15
Alberta: 13
Saskatchewan: 2
Manitoba: 5
Ontario: 45
Quebec: 19
New Brunswick: 1
Newfoundland and Labrador: 2
Nova Scotia: 2
Prince Edward Island: 1

Word has it that Target will be announcing an additional roster in early September, but we think 105 is a good start to this much-anticipated big brand launch.