Boob Sweat Has Met its Match With the Ta-Ta Towel

Summer rules, obviously. Music festivals, backyard BBQs, swimming dates, ice cream... But the struggle against boob sweat is real. Meet the hideous-but-maybe-great solution

At first glance, this may seem like an Onion post, a jokey jab at a common summer affliction that creeps up on women, especially the generously chested, and an inelegant solution that looks like a double hammock for your girls, slung around your neck like a scarf.

But not only is the Ta-Ta Towel a real thing, created in 2015 by L.A.-based Erin Robertson after fretting about unyielding boob sweat before a first date, the loose-fitting garment has sold out, and fast. Sizes range from C-H cups and will set you back $45, once restocked.

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While it’s meant to offer temporary reprieve from the boob-prison that padded, underwire bras can be when rising temperatures prove unforgiving, the Ta-Ta Towel looks like a family remedy handed down through generations, a practical if hideous invention that does the trick without any pretensions or claim to be, you know, cute.

As a mama-to-be myself, the idea of slinging my blossoming girls into the towel’s soft rayon after hours of nursing does have a certain imagined appeal but there is no scenario where I would slip into this and then, you know, casually tend to the garden or settle in for movie night. Or make myself visible to anyone in the outside world.

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The Ta-Ta Towel Instagram showcases a bevy of beautiful ladies lounging poolside, putting on makeup, sipping a cool drink while wearing the awkward-looking chest scarf without a care in the world, trickles of wetness underneath their bosom seemingly the last thing on their minds. Maybe they’re onto something.

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