The Obakki Foundation’s new feel good fashions.

Obakki founder Treana Peake has found her calling. When she first visited orphanages in Cameroon, she didn’t just give back, she created something unique to recognize those in need.  Peake asked 150 of the orphans she met to contribute words and drawings to an innovative fashion project back home in Canada. Upon her recent return to Africa, Peake presented the pieces from her new collection to the children—printed with their powerful words and art. “It was incredibly gratifying and emotional to show the children the power of their words,” said Treana. “They’re seeing that because of their answers, proper food, education and health care will soon be available. They’re giving themselves a future.”

Tees, scarves, bags and children’s clothing are available at Supporters can also purchase first aid kits and other basic necessities that will be shipped to Africa and hand-delivered when Peake returns in May 2010 All proceeds go to the orphanages.