Suzanne Rogers Presents Marchesa Television Special

Tune in to see the red carpet dresses walk to runway


Photo by George Pimentel


Photo by George Pimentel


Photo by George Pimentel

From the red carpet to the runway and now to your television screen, philanthropist Suzanne Rogers reveals the making-of and grand debut of Marchesa’s first Canadian fashion show.

Go behind-the-scenes with designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig for an all-access pass inside their New York headquarters. See the creation of their coveted dresses from sketch to runway reveal and get an exclusive look at the making of Rogers’ groundbreaking event for children’s charities across Canada. Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, and former FLARE cover girl Olivia Wilde will share their love for the label as the design duo showcase their Fall 2011 collection for nation’s best and bighearted. Rogers has raised over $925,000 this year alone and buzz is reaching a fever pitch as we wait to hear who she’ll be bringing to town next. Any guesses?

Suzanne Rogers Presents Marchesa: Red Carpet to Runway will air on September 9 at 9:00PM [Citytv].

Watch Now: A preview of the Marchesa television special

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