How to Dress & Look Cool During a Hot AF Heatwave

Reach for one of these picks when it's too hot to get dressed

We love summer fashion as much as the next person but sometimes—mostly when the temperature reaches 35+ degrees—that love goes south. During a heat wave, figuring out what to wear becomes esp. difficult as everything is inevitably going to end up drenched in sweat.

We’ve learned that when dressing for super high temps, there are a few key pieces you need to stock your closet with to get you through those sweltering months. Choosing lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton help to keep you cooled down versus heavier materials like denim and airy silhouettes à la rompers and sun dresses are a must. From wide leg cropped pants to linen dresses and tank tops, these are the items you can wear on repeat all summer long.

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