Move Over, Millennial Pink. These Are the Colours of Summer '17

Psst! Did you wardrobe get the memo? It’s time to wear colour!

“Wow, this black top really makes my skin look brighter, eyes clearer and hair more vibrant!” said no one ever. There is no better season to break out of neutral territory and embrace a colourful wardrobe. And this summer has some seriously hot trendy hues to try on.

Look for electric pink as a punchy update to simple basics, like slide sandals or a classic bikini. And a LPD (Little Pink Dress) can deliver the goods for any special RSVP, like a wedding.

Yellow obviously earns the most eye-catching colour award. A little goes a long way, so focus on accessories like a structured mini bag for the win.

There’s also lots of sartorial support for the Pantone colour of the year. Playful silhouettes and contrasting accents all work magic in this lush green. Mirror lenses, straw textures, ruffled shapes and a flash of metallic are the freshest takes.

Blue deserves an honourable mention, too. Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic locale or just park-bound with pals, whatever your off-duty o’clock involves, cornflower blue is totally necessary. Try it in a breezy tunic or kimono jacket.

And puh-leeze don’t overlook orange! Red’s sassy sister can prove more versatile than you think. The colour easily hangs with navy and adds tang to white, but its secret power is how stunning it can look alongside other brights—especially pink.

Inspired? Scroll through the gallery below for summer colours to shop now.

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