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Sponsored: Top Tips for Dressing Like a Lady

Photo by Allan Grant/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Photo by Allan Grant/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Ladylike fashions of the 20th Century kept high standards; a lady would never leave her home without a hat and pair of gloves, when leading ladies like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn led the style set. Now, what’s old is new again with starlets like Leighton Meester and Carey Mulligan bringing Peter Pan collars and below-the-knee hemlines back into fashion’s mainstream.

Dressing like a lady is much easier today than it once was. Modern innovation in textiles and design means high-quality clothes are more accessible, and caring for them is easy – forget the ironing board and dry cleaner, all you need is a washing machine and Tide Pods. High-end clothes mix perfectly into an everyday wardrobe when the detergent you wash them in is gentle yet effective at the same time.

Clever designers who bridge classic cuts with modern touches, like Kim Newport-Mimran does at Pink Tartan, allow women to dress ladylike without feeling uptight. Of course, In fact, the only uncompromising piece of this trend is the list of rules for how it’s done.

Follow the rules with these Top Tips for Dressing Like a Lady

  1. Always wear one elegant accessory to elevate even the most casual looks. This could be a structured bag, chic earrings, or an heirloom watch.
  2. Wear pearls around your neck, but think 10 strands instead of 1 – this is a cool update on a classic ladylike accessory.
  3. Invest in a little suit jacket, which Jacquie Kennedy used to favour, but opt for one with modern elements like cropped sleeves and a metallic finish. We love this one from Pink Tartan’s Spring 2014 collection.
  4. Whether your hair is cropped short, mid-length or long, the most ladylike way to wear your hair is smooth and tidy. Ladylike nails are short and oval!
  5. Forget fast fashion! Invest in high quality pieces, and take good care of them, to ensure a classic wardrobe that never fades or goes out of style. We love Tide Pods for ensuring the perfect amount of detergent is used to cleanse and care for our treasured garments.
  6. Consider a pair of pointy-toed black pumps (suede construction and a moderate heel are a must!) to elevate any ensemble to lady-like status.
  7. Purchase a pair of luxurious wristlet gloves. They’re practical for hygenic and weather-related reasons, but they’re aesthetically chic for performing even mundane tasks, like driving to buy groceries.
  8. Indulge in a beautiful shade of lipstick and consider it your signature. A creamy tulip-pink or perfectly classic shade of red is the final step in dressing like a lady. Treat yourself to a luxury lipstick bullet and relish the moment you put it on and strut out the door.
  9. Best for last: Tie a silk scarf around your head or neck and promptly get on the back of a Vespa.