Paige Adams-Geller, the designer behind Paige Premium Denim, answers our pressing questions

A former fit model for cult California denim brands (and country singer, we learned!), Alaska-born Paige Adams-Geller now reins as jean queen of her own Los Angeles denim empire, Paige Premium Denim. Her perfectly-tailored styles always gets top marks from put-together pros such as Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Poppy Delevigne and Charlize Theron. Here, she answers our pressing denim questions.

What do you think of the double-denim trend?
“I’m excited that denim on denim is happening again. It has such a down to earth vibe. If you do it the right way, it looks fabulous, but if you do it the wrong way, it looks horrible. It’s important not to be too matchy-matchy.”

What styles do you recommend in the heat of summer?
“Shorts are so popular and it’s always fun to take an old pair of jeans and make cut-offs of any length. This is the time of the year where you can get away with distressed styles.”

When it comes to denim, do you ever borrow from the boys?
“I have made girly versions of my husband’s amazing old denim shirts.”

Where new styles in jeans feel fresh?
“My new jean that I love is the Lou Lou Tulip Jean–it’s fabulous. We made a wider leg really fresh and new. It makes the leg really long and skinny, then flares out.”

Do you still fit styles on yourself?
“I design everything off of my body and I cross fit on my models. I make sure to try them on regular bodies in the office.”

How do you put your jeans through their paces?
“For stretch denim, I’ll do work outs in them! With some, I’ll do a seven-day test and see if they stretch out if I wear them without washing.”

What’s some memorable feedback you’ve received?
“My favorite compliment from a guy who sent me an email saying “Please don’t stop making designing jeans,” because he loved how his girlfriend’s butt looked in them.”

What is it about a great pair of jeans that men can’t resist on a woman?
“Most men love good old fashion relaxed boot cut, not really tight fitting, because it makes the women more approachable. You can’t go wrong with a little plaid shirt and relaxed pair of jeans.”

What do you think of certain luxury brands (we’re talking to you, Balmain) selling jeans for over $1500?
“That’s not that market I strive to reach, but I totally appreciate the detail and work that has gone into the jeans. It’s more a piece of art, not a piece of clothing.”

What destination inspires you?
 “I love Florence. I also love clean-classic Italian Riviera Style.”

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