From Supreme Sk8er to Chanel Elite, Which Street Style Squad Do You Belong to?

Which fashion crew do you vibe with?

It’s like that scene in Mean Girls where Janis Ian describes the lunch table seating arrangements: “You got your freshmen, ROTC guys, preps, J.V. jocks, burnouts, sexually active band geeks” —but for the fashion set. Fashion week after fashion week, we bear witness to trending brands forming into major street style crews.

You’ve got your steezy Yeezys, Supreme skaters and your #WangFest groupies, to name just a few. If you lean towards a more refined and elegant lewk, the Chanel elite might be your crew, or if you prefer pops of colour and funky sunglasses you might belong to the Gucci gang, where stars like Rihanna and Hari Nef reside.

Keep scrolling to see which street style aesthetic you identify with and the packs that rock it best.

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