Gallery: FLARE Staffers’ Bike Style

For many of us at FLARE, summer in the city means (finally!) being reunited with our long-lost pals, our partners in crime, the apples of our eyes: our bikes. Forget shoes, bags and sunglasses—a stylish city cruiser tops our list of ultimate fashion-meets-function summer accessories. This year, there’s a new breed of luxe two-wheeler landing in Canada, from stylish man-about-town (and former boyfriend to Marc Jacobs) Lorenzo Martone. The souped-up rides from Martone Cycling Co. (currently available at a pop-up shop at The Room at Hudson’s Bay in Toronto) come in a range of chic hues, including cherry red, bright blue, shiny chrome and matte black, and had our editors clamouring to take them for a spin. Click through for FLARE’s tips for looking fly on a bike this summer, whatever your style.

Photos by Lindsay Murrell