Sporting Life at Calvin Klein White Label for Spring 2014

Calvin Klein White Label for SS'14 is a dynamic, aggressive take on minimalism.


Urban athleticism. That was the starting point for the Calvin Klein White Label spring presentation that we previewed last week in midtown Manhattan (Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear were on display as well!).

Kevin Carrigan, the Global Creative Director at Calvin Klein, was inspired by what he saw on and around the basketball courts in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood, and presented a collection full of meshy knits, perforated leather and sporty flats. “I wanted [the collection] to have a dynamic, urban athleticism…I think there’s a shift from kind of softer, warmer minimalism to something that’s a little more urban, a little more aggressive, a little bit faster: fast forward minimalism,” explains Carrigan. Inspired by the mid-’90s trend, Carrigan talked about, “taking the codes of Calvin…and just updating it in a new way and giving it a punch of colour,” for spring when we met after the presentation.


Global Creative Director of Calvin Klein, Kevin Carrigan

It’s Carrigan’s 10th anniversary at the label, and he knows what his goals are each season. “I’m a pragmatic designer for sure. I design functional clothes,” says Carrigan. “The way that I approach it is about ‘this is what women need for next season to make them look cool’, something that maybe they don’t own or is [a classic that] you’re just seeing in a different way.”

Besides creative directing White Label, Carrigan has been very busy with the re-launch earlier this year of both Calvin Klein Jeans and Platinum Label (formerly CK). “In re-branding Calvin Klein Platinum, we’re making it more elevated [but] keeping CK as an emblem so CK doesn’t leave the world,” explains Carrigan, who tells us that the plan is to “open more stores, elevate the collections, be innovative, be creative but really take minimalism and the brand codes and the brand DNA and re-do it for a new generation of women.”

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