Someone Egged the Alexander Wang Flagship

Old school style vandals take to egging the designer's SoHo shop

Alexander Wang Egged

Photo via of Refinery29

It seems that someone got cracking last night, all over the windows at Alexander Wang’s Soho flagship. reports that a dedicated egger plastered every window of the shop in a middle-school style vandalism spree.

This morning, several employees had to suit up with squeegees and buckets as they took the sidewalks to clean up.

No one is quite sure who to blame for the incident, however, it’s not a stretch to assume it has something to do with the present allegations against Wang.

The company was recently hit with a $50 million lawsuit over sweatshop allegations. The case has been dropped, though the plaintiff plans to refile.

Even though the vandalism sparked some attention, it didn’t last long. With the mess cleaned up, and the store open for business, the only message that way conveyed was that breakfast would have been better at home.