Check Out Miu Miu & Miranda July’s Twee Tech Project

Enter a message, and another Somebody user will deliver it—in person and with the appropriate affect—to your intended recipient

Miranda July and Miu Miu's new app

Miranda July and Miu Miu’s new app

Prepare for cutesy cool-girl overload: indie-film and art-world darling Miranda July has teamed up with Miu Miu, the label of choice for indie-film and art-world darlings, to launch a new app. Somebody, which is available on iTunes (for free!) as of yesterday, is a messaging app that takes on the form of an old-timey singing telegram of sorts: type in a message, then choose from a menu of emotional deliveries (“longingly,” “nervously” and  “end air quotes” are my faves) as well as actions (fist bump!) and a real human stranger will deliver it, in person, to the recipient. Or you can verbally deliver someone else’s message. The app launched alongside—and inspired—July’s new short film, Somebody, which screened at the Venice Film Festival as part of Miu Miu’s Women Tales series, and continues her signature bridge of multimedia, performance art and film. We dare you to take part!