From Sock Styles to Platforms, Shop the Biggest Sneaker Trends of 2018

Want to get in on the best sneaker trends of the year? We've found everything you need to stay a step ahead

With almost all of 2018 still ahead of us, we’re already starting to think about the footwear everyone will be loving. One category that has our attention (yet again) is sneakers. They’re not only the most comfy shoes in the game, but their recent return to the runways means you can actually wear them dressed up, too.

But which styles should you invest in now to wear all year? We’re about to make it easy for you, becuase we narrowed the list down to the top six trends of 2018. Whether you’re into luxe velvet looks, platforms or sock styles, scroll through the gallery below for all that and more to add to your wardrobe now.

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