10 Chill AF Sk8er Girl Model Muses To Inspire Your Next #OOTD

Avril Lavigne's debut single, “Sk8er Boi“ turned 14 (!) last month. Which got us thinking, did Lavigne pave the way for Sk8er Grls to dominate the fashion scene? Looking at these tomboy model muses, we think yes

Move over T. Swift’s #squadgoals, there’s a new crew of chill AF tomboy models taking cues from the “Sk8er Boi” anthem. Which makes sense, because being able to board seemingly goes hand in hand with being able to balance in 6″ stilettos. That’s just science. You can spot these leggy Sk8er Grls riding to and from the pages of Vogue or walking a casual Marc Jacobs show, all the while serving up some serious ‘tude. Cause lets face it: it’s Avril’s world and were just livin’ in it.

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