Show Review: Sunny Fong Gets Buggy With It At Vawk

The designer delves into the world of insects for Spring 2012

Vawk Spring 2012 Vawk Spring 2012 Vawk Spring 2012 Vawk Spring 2012

Vawk’s Sunny Fong had a surprise up his sleeve for the crowd of fans who gathered for his Spring 2012 showing: His first resort collection. The micro-lineup of five dresses featured gold leather with intricate laser cuts of flowers and hummingbirds layered over black satin and chiffon. (There was one orange dress thrown in for a bit of colour.)

If resort was birds and flowers, Fong’s spring collection went further down the food chain to explore the world of insects. To drive the point home, model Frances Coombe opened the show sporting long, antennae-like lashes and a fitted grey and gold shift cut down to here and up to there. The insect theme was woven through in ways that were more and less apparent. Clever were a trio of bathing suits that recalled a thorax–though not in a way that would be apparent out of context. More to the point was the show closer: A blush and gold dress with a light-as-air skirt with butterfly markings. Our favourite pieces were the five pieces– a jacket, a vest, shorts, a dress and a tank–crafted from tie-dyed suede. Though they were called “Moth,” they weren’t buggy at all.

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