Show Review: Sarah Stevenson Enchants With Painterly Prints

Artfully engineered florals and wearable art by the Toronto designer


Photo by George Pimentel


Photo by George Pimentel

In an intimate studio presentation, Toronto designer Sarah Stevenson showed off her artfully engineered florals. Displaying works gallery style next to a framed examples of her prints, nipped-waist dresses in ombré ivy patterns were the result of felt pen, watercolor and charcoal, sweetened up with bursts of magnolias. Not content to simply let the flower do the talking, digitally manipulated photos of lilac bushels provided clever sculpting on simple white sheaths. Her most evocative turn  came in the form of Stevenson’s “Mountain” print. Eschewing flora all together, raw knife strokes in admiral blue and red acrylic mimicked rocky ridges. The term “wearable art” gets thrown around a lot, but here it was indeed appropriate. While her silhouettes could evolve to more than just print canvas, her knack for striking print is in top form.

Click here to see Sarah Stevenson’s Spring 2012 collection.