Shopping Scents

Shopping scents
How to buy the perfect fragrance gift

  • Do a little sleuthing to find out what your loved one currently wears. You can play it safe by buying a gift set of that scent or, for something new, pick another scent in the same fragrance family.
  • Shop midday, when sense of smell is at its sharpest, and don’t wear another fragrance.
  • Avoid eating garlic and spicy foods the night before you shop – they can alter the way scent smells on the skin.
  • Don’t rub your wrists together after spraying them – the friction can heat up your skin and crush the top notes of the fragrance, altering the scent.
  • Leave any fragrance on for at least 10 minutes before deciding to buy it. It will take that long for the alcohol to evaporate and the true scent to come through.
  • Wrists are the usual spot to test fragrance, but some experts suggest the middle of the inner arm or the back of the hand to avoid distorting the scent with jewelry or a watch.
  • Ignore the paper strips supplied for testing – fragrance will smell different on paper than it will on your skin.
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