11 Super Cute Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Canada

TBH, we want them all!

October may have some people seeing orange and black, but here at FLARE, we’re all about the pink. Brands are getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness month by releasing limited-edition products with a portion of proceeds going towards research and patient-support organizations. And for good reason: According to the Canadian Cancer Society, one out of every eight women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime, making it the most common cancer among Canadian women. This year alone, an estimated 26,300 women will receive this life-changing diagnosis. Think about your girl squad and let that stat sink in.

The mortality rate associated with this disease is decreasing thanks to advances in medical treatment and early detection, but there is still more to be done. A lot more. That’s why the Canadian Cancer Society organizes its annual Run for the Cure in cities across Canada and Rethink Breast Cancer hosts Boobyball, which will be taking place in Toronto (Oct. 13), Calgary (Oct. 14), Vancouver (Oct. 21), Ottawa (Oct. 27) and Halifax (Oct. 28).

If you aren’t able to run or attend the rager that is Boobyball (fun fact: this year’s theme is “Let’s Get Physical,” i.e. 80s aerobics, and we are all about it), consider showing support with your wallet. This year’s offerings include everything from beauty prods and jewellery to cheeky H&M t-shirts designed by Sid Lee and TBH, we want it all. So don’t pick just any pink items; here are some super chic ways to show your support for Canadian breast cancer organizations now, and all year round.

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