Shenae Grimes' Clothing Line—With Her Husband!

FLARE caught up with designer couple to talk shop about their new vintage-punk collection

Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes-Beech and her husband Josh Beech

Canadian actress Shenae Grimes-Beech of Degrassi fame and her super cute, Burberry model/musician husband Josh Beech just unveiled their first fashion and jewellery line at Toronto’s Jonathan + Olivia boutique this week. The  Two Halves collection—an inexpensive mix of unisex, vintage haul-like pieces—hinges on her bohemian style and his punk, British invasion vibe. FLARE chatted with the happily married couple (who stood glued to the hip in the most aww-worthy way) about their design inspirations, their significant other’s style and how their line came to life. —Lindsay Caradonna

I’ve read your trips to the Californian desert have been a huge inspiration for the line. What were the highlights?
Josh I hadn’t been to Joshua Tree ever, and it is actually why my name is Josh. Shenae was like, “It’s two and a half hours on the road [from L.A.],” so we went and then went again and again. And we always wear a lot of vintage stuff. Shenae hunts for old things and [during one of our trips there] found an arrow head, and she fell in love with it. She said, “I’m going to make this into a chain for you!” And then she was like, “How sick would this look in silver or gold, or bronze, or whatever.” And I was like, “Let’s just do it.” And we did…

Shenae And it turned into an entire collection!

Josh We just got thinking what else from the desert could inspire us and we just made more trips out there!

What does Two Halves represent to you? And what do you want it to mean to the people who buy your pieces?
Josh Two Halves as a whole, I feel—and I know Shenae does too because I’ve heard her say this before—means we really complete each other. Our ideas combined are better in all aspects. Shenae’s helped me in all sorts of ways and I hope I’ve done the same for her.

Shenae You have! And I think just pertaining to the collection itself and kind of the ethics of the brand, it’s creating on-trend pieces that are timeless. Creating real quality pieces that have weight to them and we wanted it to be affordable for our existing fans.

When you first met, did you like each other’s style?
Josh Yeah, she had a really sick jacket on that night. I remember being like, “That’s a really cool jacket.” She took the piss out of me for not wearing socks with shoes. Remember? As you can see right now I never really rock socks. And she was like, “What’s that all about?” and I was like, “I don’t know I think it looks cool,” and my jeans were always rolled up.

Shenae And now I roll my jeans.

Josh With no socks.

Who are your style icons? I heard yours was Steven Tyler, Shenae!
Shenae Yeah, first and foremost. I also love Mary-Kate Olsen like every other girl on the planet.

Josh Oh, me too. I heard she’s amazing, and her twin, too!

Shenae No, just Mary-Kate. She takes the cake. [Laughs.] But Jim Morrison is another big fashion icon for me.

Josh I don’t really have any. I take a lot of influences from music more so than from specific people. I think that the grunge era and punk era definitely influence the way I dress. I actually don’t think that many dudes dress that cool. Back in time, a young Johnny Depp dressed like a dude. I mean he looked f-cking cool.

What’s next for the both of you? In what direction do you see the line heading?
Shenae Honestly, we see endless possibilities all around. Leather. Denim. Precious metals.

Josh Stones. And head-to-toe Two Halves.

Shenae Yeah! I like that! He’s got it down.

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