How an Edmonton Superfan Scored 7 Legit Britney Spears Costumes

We spoke to the woman selling seven authentic Britney Spears costumes on eBay right now

If you think your love for Brit Brit runs deep because you own her entire discography and a few posters, meet superfan Dana Proctor, an Edmonton woman who has seven of the singer’s original costumes. They’re all on display in the window of her swimwear shop, Surfco, at the West Edmonton Mall—the result of 14 years of collecting.

“I’ve been a Britney fan since day one, when she released ‘Baby One More Time,'” Proctor tells FLARE. “That release actually coincided with my store opening in 1999 in the mall. Since then, every single song she has ever released has been played in my store. So when I found the ‘Slave 4 U outfit,’ I just had to buy it.”

By chance Proctor discovered the iconic outfit, designed by Kurt and Bart, in an online auction in 2003 and snapped it up. Now, along with six other Britney-worn costumes she’s listed on eBay, it can be yours… if you’re willing to fork over $1 million USD.

All 7 of Dana Proctor's Britney Spears costumes

All seven of Dana Proctor’s authentic Britney Spears costumes

Proctor posted the costumes on eBay last Tuesday. When TMZ found out (coverage she didn’t expect), bids steadily started climbing to $99,995 USD. Although Proctor won’t reveal how much she paid for each individual costume, she told us that the value of all seven is far more than that current bid.

7 iconic Britney Spears costumes are for sale on eBay right now

Britney performing at the 2001 MTV VMAs in one of the outfits Proctor is now selling on eBay (Photo: Getty)

Of the “Slave 4 U” outfits in her collection, Proctor says, “I think it’s the most iconic outfit in music history, and I have both the green one from the performance, and the pink from the video.” By the sounds of it, she loves the song as much as the outfits. “That song has the most iconic choreography; everyone recognizes that dance. I don’t think anything in the last 16 years that’s been released has come close to comparing to it.”

Along with the “Slave 4 U” outfits, Proctor is selling costumes from the “Overprotected” and “Me Against the Music” videos, two of Britney’s getups from the Dream Within A Dream tour, the pants Brit wore when she performed with Aerosmith at the Super Bowl in 2001, and the custom Atelier Versace dress she wore to the VMAs in 2008. Proctor was actually in the audience when Britney wore the Versace dress.

7 iconic Britney Spears costumes are for sale on eBay right now 2

After spending so much time accumulating all these costumes, FLARE was dying to know why Proctor has now decided to part with them.

“Her residency in Vegas is coming to an end this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she retires,” Proctor explains. “She’s been doing it for 18 years. And if I could pick who buys them, it would be [Britney’s] team. Wouldn’t it be great to see her wear the ‘Slave 4 U’ or the ‘Me Against the Music’ outfits again on the last leg of the residency? I think that would be really cool.”

If you too die for Britney and want to own this insane collection of outfits, make a bid ASAP—the auction ends on Friday May 12. And if Proctor gets that million bucks she’s after, the collection will allegedly become the 10th most expensive item ever sold on eBay.

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