Photo by Anthea Simms

After a gorgeous sunny and warm early start to spring, my thoughts are on shopping. Plus, FLARE‘s fashion room has been packed to overflowing with great pieces for a summer fashion shoot. Standout pieces included a feathered strapless dress, lacy cutwork suede and intricate denim. Many of the pieces didn’t look very summery but fit perfectly with our street chic story.

Dressing now is so much less about seasons – even in a country with such definite turns in weather – and more about timeless layers. I rarely shop for a particular season anymore. Instead, I look for items that I can layer in and out of my wardrobe.

It makes perfect sense when we’re juggling so many seasons at FLARE. I’m putting away my winter woolies, dressing for an early spring, approving clothes for summer fashion shoots and determining our upcoming fall fashion direction. So with all of those seasons in my head, here’s what’s on my shopping list for the coming year:

1. Clean minimalism
I’m very inspired by the sleek lines of many of my favourite female-designed collections – Celine, Chloe, Donna Karan and Isabel Marant. I just added a pair of tan slim trousers to my wardrobe. I’ll pair them with last year’s black linen unstructured blazer and strappy heels.

2. Spectators
I’ve always been obsessed with spectator shoes – black toed, lace-up white oxfords. This season, I added two more pairs to my collection – one with metallic gold high heels and the other, black patent flats with white piping.

3. Flats
After so many years of high-heeled footwear, it’s fantastic to see so many beautifully designed flats. I’m in search of some flat canvas lace-up boots that I’ll wear year ’round.

4. Tailored handbag
Year after year, I keep reaching for my Chanel quilted handbags. No matter how many ‘it’ bags come into our fashion room, I’m still attracted to a classic structured purse in a rich material. Now, I’m on the hunt for a mid-size handbag in a sleek patent or reptile leather with a simple brushed gold fastening.

5. Military
I wasn’t surprised to see the cotton flak jacket so popular in spring collections or sweeping double-breasted wool coats on fall runways. It’s always appropriate and goes hand-in-hand with the return to simpler silhouettes.

6. Digital prints
A bold-hued computer-generated pattern is a must in every fashion-forward wardrobe. It’s all you need to give all of your basics a new spin. We saw lots of interesting examples in the past year and I expect this trend to keep getting stronger.

7. White
I have very little white in my closet – one or two white shirts and one cream linen shift – but it’s a huge summer look, and another big one (in creamy winter whites) for fall. You can’t go wrong picking up some crisp tux-inspired pieces.

I’ll be back again next week. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter