23 Cute & Sassy Beach Bags That Will Defs Bring The Heat

Let your accessories do the talking this summer with our picks for the best summer beach bags that will bring the sass for you

We’re in full on summer mode, which means by the time the weekend rolls around, we spend our afternoons lounging at the beach catching up with friends or bae-watching along the shore. Aside from a killer suit, the best way to look chic in the surf and sun is a playful beach bag that serves the sass and crowns you the queen of quips.

Accessories have the power to say lot about a person—and if your beach bag proudly flaunts your love of rosé or belief that you may in fact be a mermaid, let’s just say you’re doing it right. While you lay back in attempt to catch some colour with this summer’s hottest playlist and forget about your standard 9-to-5 worries, your bag will do the talking for you—proving that yes, mom, sass is a full-time job.

Not only will your fellow beach-goers appreciate a location appropriate nautical-themed pun (who doesn’t), you get the added bonus of a roomy bag able to store your beach essentials for your SPF, shade and repeat.

So whether you’ll be sprawled on the sand or sweating out a heat wave poolside, we’ve got just the bag to compliment your sassy self this summer. Shop below for our round up of cheeky totes and feisty baskets that will bring the attitude for you all summer long. *flips hair*

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