Royal Style: Charlotte Olympia's Diamond Jubilee Clear Clutch

The luxe accessories designer pays homage to her homeland with a Union Jack clutch

Charlotte Olympia's Diamond Jubilee edition Pandora Clutch

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Olympia

Accessories designer (and resident Brit) Charlotte Dellal is joining in on the Diamond Jubilee celebration with her own tribute to Queen Elizabeth II – in the form of a festive take on her Pandora clutch.

The gold spider emblem that tops every Pandora clutch has been embossed with a mini Union Jack. The clutch also comes with limited edition inserts that show through the perspex – choose from London’s skyline, the Union Jack and a colourful crown, with the back of each insert embroidered with a ‘Wish You Were Here’ style postcard from Charlotte. Adorable!

Liimited edition Jubilee Pandora clutch, $947,

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