A Peace Treaty offers style and substance in a statement gold ring


The term ‘cocktail ring’ is quickly becoming outdated. Yes, an outsize finger-bijoux, choice beverage, and evening number do spell soirée but the newest way to wear rings is all-day, everyday. A Peace Treaty’s two-finger knuckle-duster is a bold way to make an statement. Not just lust worthy for its artisan-luxe appeal, it also boasts an ethical bent: each season, Canadian-raised design duo Dana Arbib and Farah Malik work with local craftsmen from an area under socio-political strife to create each piece by hand while providing much-needed employment. The Afghan-Pakistan region was selected this spring for the latest collection of ornamental jewelry and scarves, with each item made in a limited-edition run and the assurance that those employed were paid above fair trade wages. The gleam of this finger-stunner will be a welcome reminder of your do-good style every time a compliment comes your way.