Revealed: The Real Voice Behind Choupette Lagerfeld’s Twitter Account

The Daily Front Row’s Ashley Tschudin is to blame for all the hilariously catty tweets

Photo Courtesy of @KarlLagerfeld

It’s no secret we love Karl Lagerfeld’s cat and latest muse, Choupette.

And like any good cultural phenomenon this year (Angelina Jolie’s right leg, Flag Head, etc.), the pampered feline somehow found herself on Twitter this year despite lacking opposable thumbs. The twitter account @ChoupetteDiary has just under 24,000 followers, including Lagerfeld himself and The Daily Telegraph fashion critic Hilary Alexander.

Now, after months of tweets laden with kitty puns, the cat is out of the bag (sorry) as the brains behind the Twitter account revealed herself to Fashionista. The culprit: Ashley Tschudin, The Daily Front Row’s social media director.

According to her interview with Fashionista, Tschudin started Choupette’s Diary after she heard that the kitten had two maids looking after her. “Only in the fashion world would this happen,” she said. “Whether it was out of boredom or a moment of creativity, I knew I had to give the cat a voice (and a catty one at that!).”

Tschudin also revealed that Chanel never asked her to shut down the account. “Immediately following my first tweets, Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant direct messaged me on Twitter to find out who I was,” she revealed. “At first, I expected to be asked to shut down the account, but the Chanel team was more than happy to let me continue as long as it was conducted in good taste.”

And if it’s any sign of the changing times, managing Choupette’s Twitter account actually led Tschudin to her current job as The Daily’s social media director prompting her to mention that she “should really send Choupette champagne as a thank you.”

While we think Choupette would prefer catnip over champagne (over maybe caviar, she is Lagerfeld’s cat after all), we hope Tschudin continues with the catty tweeting because we can’t get enough of them!