Red Alert

A must-have top that makes a charitable statement

Stella McCartney for Gap

If you missed Stella McCartney’s covetable collection for Gap Kids last month, consider this your consolation prize. The Br(it) designer is back at the mega retailer but this time she’s got something for the big girls with this statement making top. The trompe l’oeil stunner has all the fabulous fixtures you’d expect – girly detail, glam sparkle, and perfect silhouette – but don’t mistake this for just another tee: half the proceeds go towards the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. So, if you’re looking for a holiday hit or piggy-bank friendly gift that gives back, then snap it up fast!

Stella McCartney for Gap (PRODUCT) RED limited edition “Stella T” cotton t-shirt, $34.50. Gap stores across Canada.