The super-stylist and star cobbler team up to design fabulous new boots

How thigh high is too thigh high? According to Brian Atwood, who collaborated on an endless pair of boots with celeb-stylist Rachel Zoe, the bolder the stride the better. “We always go for shock value in fashion. On the runway, you see the shortest skirts or the most elaborate details. For us to make that initial change in fashion, we have to go to extremes.” Atwood’s new limited-edition suede boots certainly make you revaluate seductive footwear.  Covering most of the leg and meant to fit like a stocking, they hint at the bedroom with titillating lacing up the back. So, how should one wear such overtly sexy boots without feeling just a tad tarty? Why not give them the ingenue treatment by pairing with an oversize gray cashmere sweater dress and winged eyeliner? Or how about with a knee-length pencil skirt, silk blouse and field jacket? Atwood again offers sound advice: “Use your shoes as the foundation of the look. You don’t want it to be vulgar. Keep it classic and chic.”

Brian Atwood “RZ” suede over-the-knee boots, $2,915. At The Room at The Bay in Toronto.  

Special thanks to The Room at The Bay