Priscilla Corcoran Mooney


Priscilla Corcoran Mooney Branch, NL

As with many Atlantic Canadians, the desire to give back to the community starts very young and with Newfoundland (NFLD) native Priscilla Corcoran Mooney it all started with the Green Team in high school. Well before its time, it was an after-school committee devoted to establishing recycling programs in the school. Her early love of the Arts came to light as she cofounded the very first Literary Club, where the students would discuss poetry, novels and literature and she found time to contribute to the school news-paper. Priscilla’s volunteer passion followed her to University where for three years she gave time to the protective care unit at the Hoyles Escasoni Complex in St. John’s; spending time with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. While still at University and volunteering with CHMRradio she developed a traditional Irish/NLFD radio show. She was also appointed as a youth representative on the ‘Royal Commission of Strengthening Our Place in Canada’—a committee where youth from Newfoundland voiced their opinions on the province’s place in Canada. Within her community Priscilla’s passion to make a difference is renowned. As current Vice-Chair, she serves on the Friends of Cape St. Mary’s, who’s objective is to promote, preserve and protect an ecological reserve. She was also Secretary for the Cape Shore Area Development Association and Treasurer of the Branch Recreation Committee. Priscilla is the organizer of the Well Teen Club and works with communities to offer Rural Women’s Health Days. Volunteering as a musician and reader in her local church, she also developed the Singing Kitchen. With funding from Social Development Canada, residents from Branch can come to the community centre and for a fee of $2 can be feed and entertained in true NFLD fashion. In 2006 Priscilla was crowned the Mayor of Branch, NLFD and at the age of 30 became one of the youngest Mayor’s in NFLD and Canadian history. Fittingly the Mayor of Branch is an unpaid, vol-unteer position. Currently enrolled in a Masters of Social Work program at Memorial University, co-proprietor of Branch’s only B&B, The Cliffhouse, and employed as a Primary Health Care Facilitator with Eastern Health, Priscilla truly is a Canadian finding time to make a difference.


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