Prada Goes Viral: The Spring 2013 Edition of the Real Fantasies Series

We can now say that Prada doesn't just design fashion — they also make movies, and fantastical ones at that

These days, fashion designers are hopping on the movie-making bandwagon. From Louis Vuitton to Prada, it’s no longer enough for a top label to stick to the runway, red carpet or street — online art films are their new frontier. Trailblazer Prada has added another video to their bi-annual look-book series, Real Fantasies, for Spring 2013, in which we witness the creation of a collage, with the models suddenly springing to life on a background of paper and paint. This series isn’t the only time the label has delved into the realm of fantasy. For Spring 2012, Prada teamed up with the Final Fantasy video game, dressing the game’s characters in their menswear designs.

While we will obviously be looking out for the Fall 2013 edition of Real Fantasies, Prada has also released another video to celebrate the launch of their new fragrance, Prada Candy L’eau. Watch the first preview below and look for two more segments to come this week, with the full-length feature to debut next week. It’s no doubt that the label is looking towards the future, and we await whatever innovation they come up with next.